Take 10 @ SIX60 photo

Take 10 @ SIX60

Leigh Keown photo
Leigh Keown
4 February 2020

If you were at the SIX60 concert last weekend, you may have seen people wandering the crowds with strange silver contraptions on their backs. No, they weren’t ghostbusters with their proton packs, they were Take 10 volunteers giving out lollies and water!

Over 20,000 people came to Hutt Recreation Ground to see one of New Zealand’s most iconic bands.

The sun also came to the show, bringing scorching heat. Take 10 arrived before gates opened to hand out water and lollies to fans queuing in line, making sure that everyone kept hydrated in the heat.

With brand new water dispensing backpacks, volunteers were able to weave through the crowds and distribute water and lollies to thirsty and hungry fans throughout the venue. Our mobile unit was also set up outside the gates for people to charge their phones, play some board games or just take a break out of the sun.

We got to work with a great group of nurses as well as the onsite security and regulatory services, who knew to refer anyone to Take 10 if they needed a break or a glass of water.

At the end of the night, our spot at the gates meant that fans could easily stop by on their way out to grab a glass of water to keep them hydrated on the journey home, or to charge their phone to make sure they had enough battery to get back safely.

With some people spending over eight hours at the venue, the opportunity to have a glass of water and a lolly was very well received by fans. Over the course of the evening, we handed out 1220 litres of water and a massive 58 kilos of lollies!

We would like to thank the concert organisers and performers for trusting us to help keep the concertgoers safe (and for letting our volunteers watch the concert for free!). And, of course, thank you to our fabulous volunteers for all of their hard work and positive energy.

This was Take 10’s first time at an event, we can’t wait for more!

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