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Do Some Good.

Do Some Good bridges the gap between businesses and low decile schools.

Kiwi kids living in hardship deserve more support, opportunities and experiences from the wider community. With many businesses seeking to promote corporate social responsibility, we aim to direct their focus, and their customised offer of support, to kids that need it the most.

Our Schools

Arakura School

Located in Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt, we have been partnered with them since 2017. They have 190 tamariki (children).

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Porirua School

Located in Elsdon, Porirua, we have been partnered with them since April 2019. They have 126 tamariki.

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Pomare School

Located in Taita, Lower Hutt, we have been partnered with them since July 2019. They have 71 tamariki.

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Taita Central School

Located in Taita, Lower Hutt, we have been partnered with them since July 2019. They have 160 tamariki.

Tui Park Kindergarten

Located in Linden, Wellington, we have been partnered with them since October 2019. They have 50 tamariki.

Hampton Hill School

Located in Linden, Wellington with 200 tamariki. We are excited to start our new partnership with them as of February 2020.

Want to help?

We aim to sponsor 20 schools by 2021. We’re looking to partner with businesses to help provide school lunches, and put together corporate volunteer days and annual Christmas parties.

We’re looking for volunteers to come out and clean schools, make food, and spend time with kiwi children. Interested? Click below, fill in your details and we’ll get back to you!


The School Lunch Project at Arakura School has been a great success and has had a huge impact on our students. Our school has also benefited greatly from the ‘Do Some Good’ days last year.

Mark Kibblewhite, Principal at Arakura School

Porirua School is extremely luck to have the School Lunch Project. Our students come to school knowing that they can make a lunch if they do not have lunch. We have seen an increase in students coming to school. Before they would have stayed at home because they didn’t have lunch to bring to school. We have students who are now ready to learn with full tummies, while also learning great life skills of independently making their lunch or volunteer to help others. Thank you VSCT for supporting our school community.

Vanessa Hendry, Principal at Porirua School

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