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Generation Link aims to lessen the generation gap by connecting tamariki with older folk within their local communities.

Working alongside schools already involved with Do Some Good, Gen Link will provide and facilitate the transport and support to bring seniors from their home to tamariki at school, during school hours.

Seniors will be encouraged to interact with the children through facilitated and organised activities such as book reading, storytelling, playing board games, and gardening.

Gen Link aims to:

  • connect our young and older people
  • reduce isolation of older people

A van will pick up seniors and transport them to the Do Some Good school in their area. This will happen weekly across the schools. The Generation Link initiative will act as the facilitator between young people and seniors.

What are the benefits of Generation Link?

  • Strengthening communities to become more age-friendly by breaking down barriers between ages and stereotypes by one age group toward another
  • Promoting understanding, respect, and sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experience
  • Teaching the young about aging while teaching the elderly about youth
  • Establishing relationships that help diminish the impact of declining physical and mental health in older people
  • Improving health outcomes and quality-of-life for the elderly
  • Building self-esteem and satisfaction for both age groups through the learning of new skills

We’re looking for volunteers to join us for one hour one afternoon per week, Interested? Click below, fill in your details and we’ll get back to you!