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Linden Community Garden/Kai Hapori Whānui Ki Linden

Linden Community Garden/Kai Hapori Whānui Ki Linden

Leigh Keown 24 August 2022

VSCT is very proud to be launching the Linden Community Garden, Kai Hapori Whānui Ki Linden, after months of planning and preparation we are finally all set to go!

The garden will be situated on the front right side area of the Linden Community Centre, Beauchamp Street side.

We are grateful to have the support of Bunnings Porirua, Anna, and the team at Bunnings, have been assisting with the planning, they will lead build day, and they are also providing all the materials for the garden.

We will start with one garden bed and build up to three over the summer months. The garden will be loaded up with seasonal herbs and veggies such as capsicums, tomatoes, Thyme, radishes, and spinach.

It will be a layered style garden bed, referred to as ‘lasagne style’. Not only does this style of garden put nutrients back in the soil, but it also helps with getting rid of garden waste and reducing the amount of soil required. Win-win!

The purpose of the community garden is to create a place where people from the community can come to connect and get involved in the care of the garden and enjoying the produce from the garden.

Kai Hapori Whānui Ki Linden is for everyone.

Key dates:

  • Build day - Thursday 1 September, 9 am – 12 pm.
  • Wet weather day - Thursday 8th September.

If you are interested in coming along or know someone who might be, please get in touch:

Email Leigh, VSCT Operations Manager,

Or drop in and see Fieza at the Linden Community Centre.