Welcome Pomare School and Taita Central School photo

Welcome Pomare School and Taita Central School

Leigh Keown photo
Leigh Keown
16 August 2019

The start of term 3 saw us welcome two new schools into the School Lunch Project (SLP); Pomare School and Taita Central School. ​ Pomare School has been sponsored by the wonderful Paul and Keri Retimanu who own Karaka Café (located at Te Wharewaka) on Wellington’s waterfront. This is our first school sponsorship and we are grateful to Paul and Keri for their generosity. Keri and her brother attended Pomare School, so it was especially rewarding for Keri to be giving back to her old community. Pomare School have welcomed a new principal this term, Cilla Scott. I met Cilla on the first day of the SLP and she was very excited to be introducing breakfast and lunch to the kids at her school. Cilla and the great team at Pomare School have big plans for the school which includes revamping their vegetable garden. We look forward to being part of that through our volunteer day at the school next term.

Taita Central School’s Principal Tania Cohen is also very excited to have launched the SLP into their school. Tania and the team have set up a room dedicated to the SLP. Tania said “The toasters and toasted sandwich makers are working great and the children are appreciating their toasted sandwiches for lunch on these cold days. It’s a wonderful atmosphere to hang out in”.

We love having new schools join the School Lunch Project and knowing that we are making a difference to the daily lives of tamariki. They can then focus on important stuff like learning and interacting with their friends. ​ We are continuously working on new schools to partner with, keep an eye out for who our next school will be.

Principal Cilla Scott

Cilla Scott, Pomare School Principal