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VSCT Update

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Leigh Keown
8 January 2021

Alot has happened for the Vulnerable Support Charitable Trust in 2020.

We are now operating Take 10 on Friday and Saturday nights. We launched the Take 10 Youth Zone, and we increased the number of schools Do Some Good are in.

The Take 10 Youth Zone kicked off in October 2020. The Youth Zone’s purpose is to provide a safe space where young people can hang out, play games, chill with friends, do their homework, have some food, or take some time out. We have a team of volunteers there to provide support, have a chat, and connect with young people.

We had a great response to the Youth Zone with people popping back in each week for a chat or a cup of water.

We offer different food each week and we are looking forward to working with some great food and beverage sponsors this year.

Do Some Good welcomed three new schools in August St Anne’s School, Newtown School, Berhampore School, and one new school, Karori West Normal School in December.

We delivered 121 Christmas food boxes to families from our Do Some Schools just before Christmas – we provided a mix of necessities with some Christmas treats, the boxes were very well received! Thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers who helped with deliveries.

We look forward to working with all our school communities in 2021.

In November we launched Take 10 on Friday nights. Post lockdown there was an increase in aggressive behaviour on Courtenay Place which saw the need for Take 10 to be out on Friday nights. Thanks to the generous support of Wellington City Council, we are now operating every Friday and Saturday.

We look forward to continuing to work with all our stakeholders and supporters this year. 😊

The Take 10 team out on New Years Eve.

Rohit about to deliver a Christmas food box.