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Take 10 Pop-Up (Second Site)

Take 10 Pop-Up (Second Site)

Leigh Keown 10 June 2024

Earlier this year after months of discussions VSCT opened a second Take 10 ‘pop-up’ site on Courtenay Place, the site remained opened for 6 weeks to support the busy O Week and festival season.

The second site was set up to support the busier end of Courtenay Place, where a lot of people gather after coming out of bars in the early hours of the morning.

The site, the old UFS Dispensary, was a hit from the start with people stopping to have a cup of water, a chat, and to charge their phones, lots of people came and sat inside while having food and playing a game or two.

Due to the site being close to most bars, more people were brought intoxicated people to Take 10, where they could sober up by security guards/bouncers, be somewhere safe while waiting for friends in the bars, or people who were on the streets in a vulnerable situation with nowhere to go and no one with them.

Take 10 has always been a meeting spot for people who lose each other when they are out, and having an inside space for people makes it even more appealing, especially to females who are alone, knowing they can sit inside and chill, charge their phone and have somewhere safe while wanting to re connect with friends is helpful.

The team are always there to sit with people, support them or just have a chat while they are at Take 10.

Wellington City Council supported the site by providing funding, as part of the WCC’s Pōneke Promise.

As of June 7th, the Pop-Up has reopened, with a long-term goal of keeping the site open.

You can find the Take 10 Pop-Up at 47 Courtenay Place every Friday & Saturday night, 10 pm – 3 am as well as the original site at 99 Courtenay Place.