Generation Link – High Tea photo

Generation Link – High Tea

Leigh Keown photo
Leigh Keown
2 November 2021

Gen Link hosted its first event, a high tea for our older folk and tamariki in Tawa. We watched as some of the beautiful relationships unfolded during the afternoon. We had a number of tamariki, and older folk drop in and play games together. Including a very competitive game of rummikub and even some hungry hippo’s!

A special connection between a 99-year-old and a 5-year-old stood out to us all. The two began the afternoon by playing foosball and immediately got on. After some lighthearted competition, the two split off to get afternoon tea, consisting of slices and cucumber sandwiches. Lucas (the 5-year-old) had seen Margaret at a table and asked to join her. The two sat chatting while they enjoyed their afternoon tea.

Our team was thrilled to see such a connection between the pair and alone these two made our event so special.

A huge thanks go out to all of those who joined our first event and we are looking forward to hosting more events in the future. We have started brainstorming for the next event and alert levels permitting we hope this will be soon! Make sure to keep an eye out.

As always, stay safe and keep connected.

Generation Link – High Tea photo

The team enjoying a game of Rumikub.

Generation Link – High Tea photo

Margaret watching some fun activities unfold.

Generation Link – High Tea photo

Margaret and Lucas enjoying a game of Foozball.