It’s all about the volunteers photo

It’s all about the volunteers

Leigh Keown photo
Leigh Keown
18 February 2021

At Take 10 we know we would not get far without our exceptional team of volunteers. We have over 30 dedicated and passionate volunteers on the team. We rely on at least three volunteers for each shift.

Our volunteers come out in rain, hail, and shine starting at 10 pm and not finishing until 3.30 am.

They deal with all kinds of people through the night, most of our visitors are having fun and come to Take 10 to grab some water, charge their phone, take a break from drinking, or meet friends.

Other visitors are not in such a good state and require a bit of extra attention. Our team goes through a lot of training to ensure they are equipped to handle all kinds of situations. We ensure the training is for the worst-case scenario, providing them with the tools to do the job.

The volunteers range from students to people working full-time jobs, and ages ranging from 18 – 60. All volunteers come with their own set of personal attributes and these are what makes our team so successful.

We cannot thank our amazing team of volunteers enough for the work they do.