Do Some Good volunteer day plants fruit trees for Arakura School children to enjoy

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Do Some Good kids planting trees
Pictured: Fruit trees at Arakura School

What is better than fresh fruit that you can pick yourself?! As a part of our Do Some Good Corporate Volunteer days, we make sure to incorporate gardening and planting into the day with the kids.

​We partnered with Bodyshop and Randstand Recruitment at Arakura school in December 2018. We planted a mixture of different fruit trees outside in the school field. The volunteers and children worked very hard. Not only did they plant the trees, they also moved heaps of dirt. Many wheelbarrows later, we created a beautiful patch of trees which is shown in the above picture. The picture was taken in May 2019. The trees have already grown so much in the past 5 months!

The children loved being a part of the day. It will be great for them to grow with the trees as time passes. They will be able to see first hand how their creation is transforming and know they were a part of something magical. Once the trees are grown, all the school kids will be able to pick and eat fresh fruit when it is just ripe.

Nothing is better than seeing hard work pay off!

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